Katie L Thompson Designs
About Me
The idea for Katie L Thompson Designs began in June 2015 when I visited a husband and wife team in Devon who create and print their own fabrics and turn them into pretty things for their customers to enjoy. Since I don't have the space or savings for my own printing machine, I set out on my own challenge: to create fabric items from gorgeous, high quality materials.

During the day I work full time for an online fashion company, but come the evenings I absorb myself in Katie L Thompson Designs. Each item is designed and made entirely by me in the workshop attached to my house - aka the garage. The process begins with a roll of fabric and a cardboard template. After marking the pattern out with tailors chalk or a pencil, the fabric is cut by hand and taken over to the sewing machine. When sewing is complete, any raw edges are overlocked to stop fraying. The final product undergoes a thorough quality check before finding itself in an express pack on the way to its new owner.

In my spare time I write murder mystery and romance novels - though not often in the same book.